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The voyage of discovery is not in seeking new landscapes but in having new eyes.
Nordstern Basel decided to venture off the beaten path by creating "Moving City," a plot designed to stimulate urban environments and the lives of their residents. Moving City embraces a bold approach, providing unforgettable experiences that transform our perceptions and emotions about the cities we live in.

Moving City aims to elevate urban landmarks with a rich musical culture, striving to enhance their artistic significance. Much like Nordstern, Moving City focuses on exceptional sound quality, captivating visuals, and other fundamental values that position nightlife and electronic music at the forefront of the global scene. Since its inauguration, Moving City has made three notable appearances within the government district in Tirana, Albania, showcasing talents such as Solomun in 2022, Sven Väth in 2023, and Adriatique in 2024, each event making a significant impact.

It is now time to embark on new adventures, or rather ascend to new heights. Join us for "Moving Mountain" on 2225m above sea level on the unmistakable Crap Sogn Gion in Laax, Switzerland. 

Envision a world where the lines between reality and imagination blur. A setting where the pulsating beats of electronic music blend seamlessly with the serene, sunlit stillness of the mountains. Here, among the high peaks where the crisp summer mountain breeze refreshes your senses and the horizon stretches infinitely.

Past Events

Tirana, Albania - 23/09/23

W/ Sven Väth

Tirana, Albania - 21/05/22

W/ Solomun


  • Nordstern
  • Westquaistrasse 19
  • CH-4057 Basel
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