It is said that dreams are meant to be real, so it starts as one. Everyone could be whoever they want to be. With the passing of time, it was understood that dreams are not just figments of imagination, but rather reflections of true desires and aspirations, waiting to be shared and lived with others.

Today, MOVING CITY takes place together with every dreamer , embracing the celebration of our differences within a more vibrant, inclusive and unique city. With carefully curated lineups and stunning visual effects, Moving City transforms cities into radiating hubs where people come together and lose themselves in the sounds and visuals.

Last year's Moving City premiere was blessed with a 5-hour joyride by Solomun – one of the most iconic personas within the electronic music scene. Without a doubt an exclamation mark for a festival novice and definitely a highlight in Tirana's past summer diary.

On September 23rd, at Tirana’s main square - PARKU EUROPA, MOVING CITY will turn our capital into a place to be explored and to challenge ourselves in new rhythms. Surrounded with evolving landmarks, this will be for sure a day with contagious enthusiasm, with legendary Sven Väth - a true propagator of a fantastic undiscovered sound, a generator of movements, a piece of modern contemporary culture, a time traveler like many of us, whose energy embodies perfectly the spirit of Moving City. That night, we will celebrate the power of our dreams. They are real and they have the power to shape our lives in profound ways.



Sheshi Skënderbej

Parku Europa

Tirana, Albania